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New Story: Blue Magician

Title: The Blue Magician
Author: me! aka Craig famguyrules90 
Format: Master Post
Status: WIP
Rating: PG13? (i'm unsure)
Genre: Slash, m/m, Fantasy, Magic
Warnings: Also contains some mild language. All the characters and places etc are my property and completely fictional, any resemblence to real life or existing fiction is completely coincidental and any unauthorised duplication is prohibitado.Also there maybe errors, typos etc.

Summary:  James lives in Yerin, near the ocean, where it is illegal to be a magician in the lower classes, and social suicide to be a Samer (Gay), unfortunately, James is both. Outcast by his town he finds himself in the midst of a centuries old conflict and it's up to him to solve the crisis. Can he keep his magic a secret, and will he find love?

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4- Friends Locked so add me :)
Part 5- Friends Locked so add me :)
Part 6- Friends Locked so add me :)
Part 7 - Friends Locked so add me :)
Map of Gaxia

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