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men_who_slash's Journal

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Men Who Slash: Tallywacker
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men_who_slash is a community for men who write slash. Sorry ladies! Most of the slash out there is written by ladies anyway, and you post everywhere (and why shouldn't you?). The point of this community is a showcase of male/male slash strictly written by men.

And if there can be salons and health clubs and more just for women, why can't there be a slash community just for male authors? PLEASE NOTE! A number of women have contacted me hoping they can still read and comment on the journal. Of course!!!! We still want everyone and anyone to read and enjoy and comment. And hopefully this will give lots of people insights on the difference between the slash written by men and women... ALSO PLEASE NOTE! I am not implying for one second that men write better slash! HELL NO! Not in any way. As it has been pointed out to me, slash is a genre pretty much invented by and maintianed by women. It is its own artform. This community is only to show how men, gay or otherwise, would write stories about men.

I am doing this ala George Stambolian's and George Bergman's Men on Men series (and anthology series of gay stories written by gay men). The editors of this series had nothing against women, they simply wanted male perspectives on gay life.

I wanted there to be a place to showcase the writings of "gay" fiction from men's emotional, spiritual and sexual perspectives.

It is not a community meant to exclude anyone!

Anyone is permitted to read and make comments! Male authors are encouraged to join. Men can post stories here or put links to stories in their live journals or websites.

Stories can be established characters from ANY media, or RPS or OCS! ANY fandom is cool! Pop, whatever!

Stories MUST be male/male slash ONLY,
NO female/female or girl/girl.

The only exception is if the female couple are secondary characters. No Buffy/Willow stories for instance unless the story is really about ... say Spike/Xander ... and Willow and Buffy just happen to be a couple also... The point of this community is to see how men will write relationships between men!

The sexual partners MUST be of legal age!!! No minors having sex! I am not getting arrested for a LJ Community!

IMPORTANT RULE!!! Ask to join the community and I will do some research and do my best to ascertain that you are IN FACT a male. If your journal PROFILE gives me no indication of your sex, I will not approve you for membership. I am tired of making comments in journals and writing emails to find out if someone is male or not!!!

I of course depend on honesty here too. There have been many cases in the past of women making up male "personas" for some reason I am not privy to. You will only be hurting this community and the community at large if you do this. Again, the purpose of this community is see the difference between slash stories written by men and women. The perspective of someone who has grown up with many of the same emotional, spiritual and sexual issues that characters in the stories might have experienced.

Authors and Readers should be eighteen years of age! Age MUST be stated clearly in your profile. This is for legal reasons. This journal will surely include sexual contact between two or more men, and will have references to gay sex and other adult topics. Such information is presented for purposes of education and meaningful discussion.Please do not read this journal if you find such topics offensive or if viewing such material would be illegal due to your age or it would violate the community standards of the jurisdiction in which you access Livejournal.

When Posting Please...

Do NOT disable comments!!!

Post your actual stories BEHIND an LJ cut
Please use a template similar to this one...

Warnings(for if there is sex or not)

Please do NOT disable comments!
I will delete postings in which you have disabled comments!

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